Dr Segabinazzi Aims to Improve Health, Welfare Of Equine Species

Feb 10, 2023
Dr Segabinazzi (far left) who, along with Drs. Hilari French and Robert Gilbert, led a team of Ross Vet students on an immunocontraceptive project for female donkeys within the Caribbean.

Dr. Segabinazzi (DVM, MS, PhD) recently became as assistant professor of Theriogenology at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. Prior to this Dr Segabinazzi was a post-doctoral researcher with the Center for Integrative Mammalian Research (Center 2), at RUSVM working with Dr. Hilari French and Dr. Robert Gilbert. Within Center 2, we seek to understand the interconnectivity of basic cell biology, the immune system, and the delineation of body systems in health and disease. Dr. Segabinazzi has worked diligently throughout his career gaining his PhD from Sao Paulo State University, Brazil; developing research collaborations, and completing projects here at RUSVM. Dr. Segabinazzi’s research focuses on improving our understanding of the pathophysiology and improving common fertility problems in equine species. His goal is to develop approaches to bypass these problems by applying biotechnologies and alternative therapies.

In addition, he has been working to characterize the reproductive features involved in donkey reproduction, and has been involved in a project led by Drs. Hilari French and Robert Gilbert, working to establish the mechanism of action for a vaccine that would assist in providing a humane method of controlling the feral population of donkeys in St Kitts and Nevis, and thereby, aid in improving the health and welfare of this local population of animals. 


Since qualifying in 2014, Dr. Segabinazzi has published an impressive 58 peer reviewed manuscripts and 5 book chapters. Of these 22 manuscripts (which include 10 peer reviewed first author manuscripts and 12 additional co-authored publications) and a book chapter have been published since he joined RUSVM in 2021. During 2021 and 2022, Dr. Segabinazzi presented 13 and was collaborator in 10 research presentations at 7 scientific conferences, representing RUSVM at the American Association of Equine Practitioners, the Society for Theriogenology, 10th International Symposium of Equine Embryo Transfer and Technology (ISEET) in Pisa, Italy, 19th International Congress on Animal Reproduction in Bologna, Italy, and XXII Annual Conference of Brazilian Association of Equine Veterinarians.

Dr. Segabinazzi is always keen to include students in his research, and of these latest publications, three RUSVM Master’s students and two DVM students were included. He has supported the dissemination of research into the DVM student body, having 38 research assistants/volunteers working with him on his research into donkey reproduction. He has enhanced the RUSVM research and reproduction profile, being featured in an article in Horse Care magazine showcasing his work on embryo transfer in Jennies and has multiple ongoing collaborative projects working with researchers in San Paulo State University, University of Illinois, University of Kentucky and University of California, Davis.

He is currently collaborating on multiple research projects spanning both the clinical and biomedical departments and has 2 additional manuscripts in review. He has contributed the research output and grant development in Center 2 by his own submissions but also supporting colleagues across campus.

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