Pathology Training Program

“When I accepted the internship position at RUSVM I was told that it was great opportunity, and it certainly has proven to be in my case. Although developing a career in pathology is difficult coming from a clinical nonacademic background, RUSVM has a broader outlook and recognizes skillsets gained from clinical experience. The program nurtured my research into tropical arboviral diseases, allowed me to pursue a higher degree (the initial MSc turned into a PhD), and begin specialist training in veterinary anatomic pathology. Throughout my time as an intern at RUSVM (and beyond!) I was given independence and encouraged to forge collaborations with leading researchers in their fields. I also benefited from exemplary and inspirational support and mentorship from my supervisors. I am proud to call myself a Rossie! I have no reservation in recommending the program.”
Dr. Matthew J. Valentine, BVMS, MRCVS, Dipl. ACVP. ‘17

Assistant Professor, Veterinary Anatomic Pathology
Biomedical Sciences Department, RUSVM

“I see my pathology training time at RUSVM as the single most important time in my life. It helped me build a solid foundation and shape the path of my career. The freedom, resources and faculty support that were available to me during my internship and Master of Science degree program gave me the perfect environment to develop, explore and grow as a budding pathologist, researcher, and teacher. Experiencing the rich culture and nature of the island was an invaluable experience.”
Judit M. Wulcan, DVM, MSc ‘19

Resident, Laboratory Animal Pathology
Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
Comparative Pathology Laboratory & California National Primate Research Center
University of California, Davis

“I am grateful for my training at RUSVM. This internship was a great bridge between veterinary school and my pathology residency training. By the conclusion of the internship, I had a solid foundation in both clinical and anatomic pathology. This foundation set the stage for continued success throughout my pathology career. I passed my ACVP board exam after residency while working as a toxicologic pathologist.”
Jessica Bailey ‘15

Associate Veterinary Pathologist at WuXi AppTeca
Columbus, Ohio Metropolitan Area