Mobile & In-Home Veterinary Services

On-Demand Webinar | Duration: 1 hour

For some animal patients, a trip to the vet clinic can be riddled with anxiety. Luckily, mobile vets have made in-home visits possible for many patients and their owners, offering a less stressful, more convenient method of veterinary care. Services range from routine exams, to hospice care, and even some surgical procedures.  

Curious what a career in mobile veterinary medicine could look like? Watch our on-demand webinar, where two Ross Vet alums share a day in the life of a mobile vet. 

This is your opportunity to:

  • Learn more about veterinary career opportunities outside of the brick and mortar clinical setting 
  • Hear about the various types of services offered by mobile veterinarians 
  • Get a glimpse inside a mobile vet clinic and surgical suite and the various equipment they house 
  • Learn what types of animals you might encounter “on-the-go" (some patients our alums have treated may surprise you!) 
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Discover the veterinary profession like you never have before. Join Ross Vet alumni, faculty, and colleagues for on-demand webinars that can kick-start your knowledge of veterinary medicine. Explore our learning environments, veterinary specialties, procedures, and case studies before you even become a vet student!

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Earning your DVM from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine offers you much more than a path to animal practice. It unlocks a much larger world of far-reaching career opportunities in veterinary medicine, from companion and exotic animal care, to research that could affect animal and human health on a global scale. From general practitioners to researchers and more, there's a world of possibilities out there to explore.


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