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5 Questions with Veterinarian and Blogger, Lauren Smith | Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

Oct 04, 2016
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Lauren Smith, DVM ’08 is a veterinarian at VCA Animal Hospital in East Northport, Long Island, where she’s worked for the past six years. She’s also a prolific writer—she’s been published on leading medical and veterinary blogs such as Kevin MD and Dr. Andy Roark, as well as blogging frequently on her personal website,

When did you start blogging on your website?

About a year and a half ago. The first things I wrote were based on client handouts, tips for your pets, things like that—I thought it would be useful for the general public. Then in February I wrote an article called “The Real Reason Your Wait at the Vet’s Office Is So Long.” Dr. Andy Roark posted it on his website, and he contacted me, suggesting I start writing for other vet professionals, not just pet owners. 

Why did you choose RUSVM?

I chose Ross for a lot of reasons. I applied to a few different state veterinary schools as well as Ross, but wasn’t accepted. I considered reapplying and waiting another year, but I knew Ross was a really great school and I didn’t want to wait. 

Any advice for vet students?

When you first come out of vet school, you might second-guess yourself a lot and worry that you’re not up to par. Even though you just earned your DVM, you might not necessarily feel like a doctor. I struggled with this. It’s called impostor syndrome—feeling like you are really kind of faking it in the beginning. But once I found the right spot for me, I felt better. Work somewhere where you have mentoring, feel comfortable asking questions and talking about concerns, and that feeling will go away. 

You wrote a blog post about impostor syndrome on Dr. Andy Roark. Have you been writing more personal pieces like this?

Yes, that’s where I’ve taken my writing – I say the things that everyone’s feeling but is afraid to admit. Keeping it all inside can be tough. You feel like you need to keep up this appearance of knowing everything and being the expert and that can take a toll on you sometimes. I think it’s important for us as veterinarians to share our experiences so that we can feel supported and validated by each other. 

Tell us a fun fact about you?

I like running—I’ve done six half-marathons and one full. It helps me keep a clear head. 

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