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ACVP Scholarship Awardee-Cassie Willrett

Jan 06, 2021

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (Ross Vet) has one of the largest and most active student chapters of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) also known as “Path Club”. For each of its student chapter members, the ACVP issues one or more student awards for veterinary students who have demonstrated exceptional proficiency and interest in anatomic and/or clinical pathology, and Ross Vet matches this award with a $1000 scholarship. Semester Seven students are eligible for this award.

The award recipient for the Fall 2020 semester is commended for her outstanding performance in pathology course work and her involvement in the “Path Club”.  On behalf of ACVP, Ross Vet colleagues, the clinical and anatomic pathology faculty at Ross, congratulations Cassie Willrett, for a job well done!

“My interest in pathology was sparked in 3rd-semester when we got to do our first necropsy and I found a chicken fat clot shaped like a real chicken. Anyone who is interested or thinks they might be interested in pathology should join Path Club! There are so many opportunities to experience the different fields in pathology by attending lectures and wet labs that you never know what will spark your interest! I hope to pursue a career with an emphasis in clinical pathology and can’t wait to see what the world of pathology has to offer,” says Cassie Willrett, class of 2022.

Criteria for the award include being an active member of “Path Club”, excellence in pathology course work, involvement in pathology rotations, externships, research, and other departmental activities, and demonstration of leadership abilities.

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