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Jevan   Christie BVSc, MMedVet (Med)

Instructor of Small Animal Internal Medicine

Dr. Jevan Christie received his undergraduate degree from the University of Pretoria, Faculty of Veterinary Science in 2001. Dr. Christie went into private practice for the following five years, firstly in the United Kingdom before returning to South Africa in late 2005. Dr Christie joined the department of Companion Animal Clinical Studies at the University of Pretoria in 2007 and completed his post-graduate degree in internal medicine in 2011. Dr. Christie has also passed the general examination for the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine and needs to sit the final examination.

Dr. Christie was appointed a lecturer in the Small Animal Internal Medicine in 2008, and lectured in dermatology and oncology to pre-graduate and eventually post-graduate students. His research was based on infectious diseases, but primarily focused on the cancer causing oesophageal parasite – Spirocerca lupi.

Dr. Christie left the University of Pretoria in 2012 and moved to Perth, Australia where he became a medicine registrar in a specialist hospital.


BVS University of Pretoria - BVS

MMEDVET University of Pretoria


Spirocerca lupi


Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital clinician of the year (2008)

Publication Highlights

Christie J, Schan EV, Bodenstein LL, Sommerville JEM, van der Merwe LL. The sensitivity of direct faecal examination, direct faecal flotation, modified centrifugal faecal flotation and centrifugal sedimentation/ flotation in the diagnosis of canin spirocercosis. Journal of the South African Veterinary Association. 2011; 82(2): 71-75.

Van der Merwe LL, Christie J, Clift SJ, Dvir E. Salivary gland enlargement and sialorrhoea in dogs with spirocercosis: A retrospective and prospective study of 298 cases. Journal of the South African Veterinary Association. 2012; 83(1): 1-7

Kirberger RM, Stander N, Cassel N, Pazzi P, Christie J, Carstens A, Dvir E. Computed tomographic and radiographic characteristics of aortic lesions in 42 dogs with spirocercosis. Veterinary Radiology and Ultrasound. 2013 (54): 212-222

Rosa CT, Pazzi P, Nagel S, McClure V, Christie J, Troskie M, Dvir E. Theileriosis in six dogs in South Africa and its potential clinical significance. Journal of the South African Veterinary Association. 2014; 85(1): 1-7

Current Projects

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Dr Christie has worked in many countries and has a vast range of experience in veterinary practice