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Career Expo | Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

Mar 07, 2018

The fair was a component of its 2018 week of activities under the theme “Opening Doors, Creating Opportunities through Service & Empowerment.” The expo was held on Saturday February 23 in Independence Square and welcomed those interested in employment at RUSVM, and prospective students.

RUSVM joined businesses, universities and healthcare providers in Independence Square representing a variety of local sectors. Colleagues representing Human Resources and the Research and Postgraduate team among others were on hand to answer questions about what it is like to work at the West Farm campus, current employment opportunities and benefits.

“The Career College Health Expo was a great opportunity to engage with our young people and to learn of their career aspirations, as well as providing an opportunity to highlight the various career paths and programs of study available,” said Ruth Braganza, Postgraduate Administrator who staffed the event.

Representatives like Cyndie Demming, Colleague Engagement Facilitator also answered questions about the application process to attend RUSVM, as well as the 8-week internship program for Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College students offered every summer on campus.

If you are interested in working for Ross Vet, visit the Career Opportunities page on the RUSVM website.



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