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Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine Launches Customized App

Dec 27, 2016

Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM) today announced the launch of a new program that provides all new students with an iPad® custom-designed to offer a digitally advanced multimedia learning experience. Nicknamed the “PawPad,” the iPads feature leading-edge learning apps designed by RUSVM to enhance the student experience in the classroom and laboratory.

“This is an important advancement in the way we serve our students as digitally native learners,” said Guy St. Jean, DVM, interim dean of RUSVM. “We expect the iPad® program to enhance our students’ learning experience and support mastery of the curriculum, and we are proud to be an early adopter of this in veterinary education.”

Each iPad® includes 10 customized learning apps that deliver gaming and multimedia presentations of material contained in the RUSVM curriculum. The PawPad also offers apps that have direct access to tools used by students such as the online student portal, library reference material, e-books and outside learning apps that help reinforce learning material. RUSVM faculty members helped design the apps and participated, with students, in a pilot program in fall 2015.

The PawPads are being distributed to every student in the September 2016 incoming class. A group of expert users will help students and faculty optimize their use of the device and help direct the development of future apps. The iPad®’s portability, ease of use, and ability to provide anytime/anywhere access to curricular material have been cited as benefits to students.

About Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine
Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM), founded in 1982, is committed to preparing students to become members and leaders of the worldwide public and professional healthcare team and to advance human, animal and ecosystem health (One Health Initiative) through research and knowledge exchange. RUSVM has focused research programs with an emphasis on emerging infectious and zoonotic diseases, conservation medicine, and ecosystem health. RUSVM offers postgraduate Masters’, Ph.D. and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) programs accredited by the St. Christopher & Nevis Accreditation Board. The DVM program holds accredited status from the American Veterinary Medical Association ( The RUSVM Veterinary Clinic is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association ( RUSVM is a part of DeVry Education Group (NYSE:DV). For more information about RUSVM, visit

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