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RUSVM Continues Full AVMA Accreditation

Apr 16, 2019

Quality can be a tough thing to measure, in every walk of life. After all, one person’s “good” is another person’s “poor”.

That’s where standards come into play. They set agree-upon bars by which anything can be measured and compared. And recently, we’re proud to have once again met and surpassed the standards for quality education.

This week, Ross Vet was granted continued full accreditation by the American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education (AVMA COE). The AVMA COE is the accrediting authority for veterinary medical education in the United States.

“Earning full accreditation is an important milestone for RUSVM and it is another step in our commitment to educating future veterinarians and ensuring that they are able practice in many communities throughout the US and the world, upon graduation,” says RUSVM Dean, Dr. Sean Callanan.

That accreditation spans all 11 AVMA COE standards, including Finance, Physical Facilities & Equipment, Clinical Resources, Information Resources, Students, Admissions, Faculty, Curriculum, Research Programs and Outcomes Assessment.

“I am delighted to receive recognition that we meet the standards of the accrediting body, in line with our vision to provide quality education,” says Dr. Nathalie Mather-L'Huillier, director of accreditation and alumni relations. “Our students can be confident that when they study here they are receiving the best educational experience that will prepare them for professional credential and licensing.“

Accreditation by the AVMA COE represents the highest standard of achievement for veterinary medical education in the United States. Institutions that earn accreditation confirm their commitment to quality and continuous improvement through a rigorous and comprehensive peer review.

Dr. Callanan said earning continued accreditation was a testament to the hard work, commitment, and dedication of RUSVM colleagues, students and administrators. 

“This is a proud accomplishment for us; all of us as a Ross Vet community,” Dr. Callanan said.


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