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Spotlight on: Clinical Placement Ceremony | Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

Jun 29, 2017

As students shared this important news, joined by friends and family, clinical affiliates Purdue University and Auburn University also participated, showing support for the students.

Ross is one of few schools that offer students the possibility to do the clinical year at AVMA- accredited clinical affiliates in the U.S. and internationally. This year, the ceremony was attended by more than 180 people, with more than 200 joining via web.

“We are proud of the success of our Class of 2018. The placement ceremony is a monumental event for our students to support each other and celebrate the news with their friends and family,” said Dr. Juan C. Samper, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs & Professional Opportunities at Ross Vet. “Our students obtain clinical spots into some of the most competitive AVMA-accredited clinical affiliates in the world, including Cornell University, Tufts University and Royal Veterinary College in London. Ross Vet graduates bring adaptability and resilience to their clinical affiliates. As a result of their experience in St. Kitts, our students can adapt to the cultural differences and are resourceful in emergencies.”

“As a medical leader who has hired hundreds of veterinarians, I find Ross Vet graduates to be some of the best trained doctors to join our practice,” said Dr. Alexandra Quarti, medical director at Banfield Pet Hospital, sponsor of the Ross Vet placement ceremony. “They are flexible, able to deal with ambiguity, and often seem best able to fit in and foster a team atmosphere. They are committed to quality care and really embrace leadership roles.”

Clinical Placement occurs at the beginning of 7th semester. During the clinical year, students participate in various rotations to gain clinical experience while remaining enrolled at Ross. The clinical year curriculum is designed to be a series of integrated, consecutively scheduled learning experiences.

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