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St. Kitts Students Explore Allied Healthcare Career Options | Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

May 31, 2017

Students from local high-schools and Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College visited Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM) to explore career options in the allied healthcare fields, as part of the Medical Laboratory Professionals Week Apr. 26 and 27.

Now in its 42nd year, Lab Week is designed to aware the St. Kitts community about the role that local RUSVM’s laboratory professionals play in promoting the optimal health of the animal population in the island.

During the event, 140 local students across 9 high-schools from the Federation explored RUSVM’s lab facilities, witnessed laboratory professionals at work, and discovered exciting new careers in the allied healthcare fields. The students also had the opportunity to ask RUSVM Lab professionals about their careers and participated on a series of activities that included both discussion platforms and hands-on experiences.

“This is one of many ways through which RUSVM engages with the St. Kitts community,” said Patrice M Bernier, senior lab technician, Lab Services Department at RUSVM. “Through engagements like these, we hope to create awareness about the role that laboratory technicians play in improving overall animal health at the island and also help local high-school students learn about career options within veterinary healthcare.”

“The overwhelming feedback was that it was a very good experience, and they said the students were more informed about career choices,” said Adesupo Adetowubo, Biology teacher at Cayon High School. “Their interest in careers like forensic pathology, lab technician and surgery were stimulated.”

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