West Indies Veterinary Conference

RUSVM alumni receive a preferential registration rate to attend the West Indies Veterinary Conference.



The 4Med+ approved online curriculum is available at a special price to alumni of RUSVM. The special price is applicable to veterinary teams of RUSVM alumni who are employers. Click here to see available RACE-approved courses. More titles will be made available in the coming months. During checkout, please use the coupon code ROSSVET30 to receive a 30% savings on all accredited continuing education titles. Note: A percentage of the proceeds benefit the Empower Scholarship Fund for Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine.


RUSVM's Master of Science by Coursework in One Health and CE courses

Did you know RUSVM offers an online Master of Science (MSc) in One Health degree program with a one-week residential in St. Kitts?

RUSVM’s course-based online MSc One Health degree program is available to alumni. The degree program is RACE-approved. For more information, please consult the MSc One Health Pages and the attached flyers. The tuition fee for RUSVM alumni is $9,000 USD for the full MSc One Health degree program. For full information on all MSc One Health degree program costs, please consult the tuition pages.


Selected modules of the MSc One Health degree program are also available as individual online courses as follows:

  • Individual courses can be undertaken without enrolling in MSc One Health degree program
  • Cost per credit hour: $300 for RUSVM alumni


Available courses:

Area Courses
Policy / Planning / Implementation / Social Sciences VETPG147/Introduction to One Health (1 credit)
VETPG148/Writing and Presentation Skills (1 credit)
Additional courses available through the Adtalem sister schools
Research and Surveys VETPG141/Biostatistics & Epidemiology (5 credits)
VETPG142/Research Project Design (2 credits)
VETPG144/Surveillance & Diagnostics (3 credits)
Special topics* VETPG143/Conservation Medicine (3 credits)
VETPG145/Zoonoses (3 credits) VETPG146A/Safety of Food of Animal Origin (2 credits)
VETPG146B/Disaster Management (2 credits)
VETPG146C/Animal Health Program Management (2 credits)

* RACE-approved courses

For further information, please contact the MSc One Health coordinator, Dr. Jennifer Ketzis, Download the MSc One Health flyer and RUSVM's postgraduate programs brochure, for more information.

#This program 1215-31603 is approved by the AAVSB RACE to offer a total of 120.50 CE Credits (120.00 max) being available to any one veterinarian: and/or 120.50 Veterinary Technician CE Credits (120.00 max). This RACE approval is for the subject matter categories of: Category Three: Non-Scientific-Practice Management/Professional Development using the delivery method of Seminar/Lecture Interactive-Distance. This approval is valid in jurisdictions which recognize AAVSB RACE; however, participants are responsible for ascertaining each board's CE requirements. RACE does not "accredit" or "endorse" or "certify" any program or person, nor does RACE approval validate the content of the program.